Winner of the first annual Classic Angling Book Award for the best angling book of 2006.


Written by Hoagy B. Carmichael
Illustrations by Robert H. Seaman
Design, layout and map design by Robin L. Hayes

Hoagy's words, Robert's illustrations, and Robin's art direction and design came together to create this fabulous book. Shown here are some of the pages of the book, featuring Robert's illustrations.

Taken from the Forward:
"The talents of Robert Seaman are once again evident in this, my second book. His skills speak for themselves, but his patience with me, as I fiddled with his artwork, is more than I deserve. I am a fan of his in more ways than one, and I thank him.Much of the enclosed map, and all of the design work, was skillfully crafted by Bob's daughter, Robin Hayes, who made magic with her bank of computers. She is made from the same cloth as her father, and the numerous changes that I foisted on her were always met with tolerance. I gave her a jumble of materials, and she made a book out of them."


“8 by Carmichael” is a collection of articles, four of which are remembrances of men and fishing trips, both fresh and salt water. There is one about the need to conserve weight (reel and reel seat hardware) behind the casting hand, another on author and innovator Vince Marinaro, and a lengthy piece on the great Pennsylvania fly tier, Chauncy Lively. The last two concern rod makers: Dr. George Parker Holden, author, and the man who taught Everett Garrison, and finally a long piece about Ed and Jim Payne, unequaled makers of American fishing tackle in the 19th and 20th centuries.